Terms and conditions for our 1 year no-nonsense big print warranty:

We warrant the HR-100 to be free from component and manufacturing defects for 1 year since the date of purchase. This warranty applies to all units bought directly from Bedrock Embedded Systems after December 1, 2014.

The warranty does not cover mishandling and water damage. Our Contact page has some tips on recovering a unit after water immersion. The warranty does not cover damage caused by battery leakage or corrosion due to exposure to corrosive environments. Please also check the polarity when installing the battery.

Follow the procedure below and if the fault is considered a manufacturing or component failure, please ship it back to us. Our address is on the Contact page. Please do NOT send any units to us before contacting us by e-mail to analyse the fault. 


We will repair or replace the product with a new unit and ship it back to you free of charge if it is considered a manufacturing or component defect.

If the failure is not caused by a component or manufacturing defect and the cause of the defect indicates that we can make the product better, ship the faulty unit to us and we will repair or replace the product with a new one and send it back to you free of charge.


If you suspect your HR-100 to be malfunctioning or not operating up to specification, please send an e-mail to service@bedrockembedded.co.za and include the following information:

1) Serial Number
2) Date Purchased
3) Purchased From
4) Description of malfunction.
5) Your contact information and shipping address.

We will contact you within two workdays to analyse the fault (allowing for time zone differences).

Before you contact us:

Please read your user guide to see if you are following the correct procedure for set-up and commissioning.
Please check the battery before reporting a problem. If the LED flashes 3 times every 5 seconds, the battery needs to be replaced.
If the unit is completely dead, please try it with a new battery and check polarity of the cells.
Please also check for corrosion on the contact area of the cells and the battery holder.