DSCF8752The HR-100 Hand Wash Reminder is a beeper, but a beeper with a difference. It will beep loudly at 92dbA every 30 minutes, all day long.

When your staff respond to the alarm in your busy kitchen, it can be silenced by touching the front panel.

The HR-100 can not be tampered or switched off by your staff, like other timers not built for purpose. The HR-100 will switch itself off at the end of your business day to avoid unwanted alarms at night.

The HR-100 is easy to install in any convenient location and it is splash resistant. This rugged little wonder will run on two AA cells for months. Cost of ownership is very low and there is no moving parts.

For a proper 20 second timed hand wash, just tap the front-panel for a gentle 20 second beep cycle.

To check for ignored hand wash reminder alarms, touch the front-panel for two seconds to activate the missed alarm report.


DSCF8732 To install the HR-100, simply peel off the backing of the two double-sided tape strips and attach it to a convenient location near your wash basin or in the area where your staff operate.

The HR-100 front panel needs to be touched to silence each alarm, so please mount within easy reach. Prepare the surface where the HR-100 will be mounted by washing it with soap and water. Dry the surface properly and wait a few minutes for any remaining moisture to evaporate.


The HR-100 Hand Wash Reminder is designed using light industrial design rules and principles. Only high quality industrial grade components are used. The HR-100 is designed to operate reliably in harsh environments.

DSCF8731We believe in good value and also believe in adding value to your business. Our product provides excellent value, considering the design life of the product. The HR-100 is designed to last a decade, but it may last much longer.

The true value of the HR-100 reflects when Health Department Inspections are passed and the hand hygiene of your staff is taken to a new level.

Improve your overall service level by limiting the spread of harmful bacteria to your staff and patrons.