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Battery Life:
Please note that when your batteries are getting low, the HR-100 will stop beeping and flash the front panel LED three times every five seconds. Replace the two AA cells and you are all set for another few months.

Battery Type:
Alkaline cells should last longer, since they have higher capacity. Lithium cells have the highest capacity, but they are quite expensive. Zinc Carbon cells are the cheapest and may deliver surprisingly long service. We have not tested the HR-100 with rechargeable cells (NiMH), because they have too low nominal voltage, but you are welcome to try them. Let us know if you discover a brand or type of battery that last longest.

If your HR-100 gets drowned in water, it may not be the end of it’s life. Firstly, remove the two AA cells. If the water contained chemicals or soap, rinse the circuit board in distilled or the cleanest water you have. Shake the circuit board dry and leave it under a fan for a while. Please don’t use a hot hair dryer, it will overheat the components and cause rust. The component that can suffer the most damage is the little black beeper. Make sure you shake the water out of it as much as possible. When the circuit board appears to be dry, seal it in a small Tupper bowl with uncooked rice overnight. The rice will draw out any remaining moisture. If the unit beeps when you power it up again, all should be well. If the beeper sounds muffled, there may still be water trapped in the beeper. Dry it out some more and try again in a day or so.

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