Easy On-line Ordering Now Available

Customers are now able to order our HR-100 on-line from www.handwash.co.za.
Your order quantity, contact information and delivery address are collected using PayPal’s secure ordering system. We will ship your order within the same or next workday (Monday to Friday, UTC+2).
Worldwide shipping is added to the price when ordering. Please note local taxes or import duties may apply and is not included.

Newsletter Subscriptions

You are now able to subscribe to our newsletter. We will send one out from time to time to announce special deals and news about hand washing in general. To subscribe, register on our site and wait a few minutes for your password to arrive by e-mail. After logging in, you will be able to update your profile and decide for what categories to subscribe. You will also be able to subscribe for nothing if you don’t want to be bugged. Please add information about yourself and your type of business at the bottom of your profile. Are you a reseller, restaurant owner, retail chain owner, etc. Thank you for visiting our web site.

New Web Site Launched

Welcome to our new web site for the HR-100 Hand Wash Reminder. We have some new developments in store for 2014. While we were busy selling Hand Wash Reminders, the Web moved on and web sites assumed new clean styling and bold pages. We’re trying to keep up, and try not to look too nineties any more. The same goes for our product, there will be updates and good things to come. Our old web site is still available here, just in case you liked it big time.