Warranty Extended To 1 Year

We proudly announce our new 1 year no-nonsense warranty. A new page on our web site will be created in the near future to state the terms of the new 1 year warranty on all HR-100 Hand Wash Reminders shipped from the 1st of December 2014.

Since selling the HR-100 from 2010 we have had no warranty returns (knock on wood).

We were asked to refurbish one unit living under great pressure in a 24/7 kitchen. The damage was caused by over-tightening the screws of the front-panel and handling the unit with oily hands during battery replacement.

Please refer to our warranty page to be created within a day or so.

Thank you for your support and thank you to all our customers for taking the task of hand washing seriously.

Wash Timer (20 seconds) Added

DSCF9092We’ve been keeping an eye on what is the trend in hand washing and added a 20 second Wash Timer to the functionality of the HR-100. It is all good when you are reminded to wash your hands, but it is of no use if you wash with soap and water for less than 20 seconds.

All units shipped from November 11, 2014 will include Wash Timer functionality.

To activate the Wash Timer, simply tap the front panel. The HR-100 will beep every half second for 20 seconds. You can activate the Wash Timer any time during the day between hand wash reminder alarms for an unlimited number of cycles.

HR-100 Version 2.01 Now In Stock

The latest version of the HR-100 Hand Wash Reminder is now in stock. The new integrated proximity sensor is proving to be a very neat solution.

The production process was streamlined and it will be improved even more in the near future. A new component supply channel was established and we now import some components straight from the USA.

In the past we found a ramp-up in sales after a lull in August and September. Please investigate your sales trends and let us know in advance so we can make sure we can manufacture enough stock to ensure prompt delivery. You can see the current pricing here.

Sneak Peek Of The New HR-100

The repackaged HR-100 Hand Wash Reminder packs the same punch as the first version, but features a lower profile of 21 mm. The same electronics and software is present in the new design and a lower profile was obtained by integrating the front-panel proximity sensor with the electronic circuit card. New pricing will follow later today.

HR-100 Version 2

HR-100 Version 2 vs Version 1

HR-100 Version 2 Is Ready For Board Manufacture

HR-100 Version 2

The HR-100 Version 2 design is finally ready for board manufacture. The next step is a layout check and electrical check. When everything checks out fine, a set of Gerber files are generated and the board layout files are sent to our board manufacturer here in Cape Town. It takes more or less 5 to 7 work days for a batch of circuit boards to be manufactured.

To get it just right, a few trips were made back to the drawing board. With today’s CAD assistance, many of the traditional in-between cycles can be done with 3D modelling as seen above.

While the boards are in the shop, the component stock is checked and prepared for assembly of the first batch at a local electronic assembly plant. The enclosures are prepared in parallel to the assembly process and the assembled boards are fitted into their enclosures as soon as board assembly is complete. Board assembly takes 5 to 7 work days. Final assembly, testing and QA takes 2 to 3 days.

The new design integrates the proximity sensor with the circuit board, which drops the two gold-plated pins and the tedious task of assembling the proximity sensor on the front panel. The new design will be more reliable and contain virtually no moving parts. We are using the same reliable circuit and software.