Sneak Peek Of The New HR-100

The repackaged HR-100 Hand Wash Reminder packs the same punch as the first version, but features a lower profile of 21 mm. The same electronics and software is present in the new design and a lower profile was obtained by integrating the front-panel proximity sensor with the electronic circuit card. New pricing will follow later today.

HR-100 Version 2

HR-100 Version 2 vs Version 1

Production Underway

After some re-refinements to the board layout, our boards will be in process any day now. Due to backlogs at the board shops, there will be a few days of delay before the completed boards can be taken to the assembly plant for first stage assembly. The component orders are already dispatched and will reach us by the time the boards are ready. New prices will be announced in a day or so. We are able to drop the price a little, after careful design and layout refinements, which we consider quite an achievement with the main components now 60% more expensive.