HR-100 Version 2 Is Ready For Board Manufacture

HR-100 Version 2

The HR-100 Version 2 design is finally ready for board manufacture. The next step is a layout check and electrical check. When everything checks out fine, a set of Gerber files are generated and the board layout files are sent to our board manufacturer here in Cape Town. It takes more or less 5 to 7 work days for a batch of circuit boards to be manufactured.

To get it just right, a few trips were made back to the drawing board. With today’s CAD assistance, many of the traditional in-between cycles can be done with 3D modelling as seen above.

While the boards are in the shop, the component stock is checked and prepared for assembly of the first batch at a local electronic assembly plant. The enclosures are prepared in parallel to the assembly process and the assembled boards are fitted into their enclosures as soon as board assembly is complete. Board assembly takes 5 to 7 work days. Final assembly, testing and QA takes 2 to 3 days.

The new design integrates the proximity sensor with the circuit board, which drops the two gold-plated pins and the tedious task of assembling the proximity sensor on the front panel. The new design will be more reliable and contain virtually no moving parts. We are using the same reliable circuit and software.